Jasmine Bird: Defining Your Success to Live Authentically | Ep 115

Jasmine is a great example of; working to live, not living to work. You do not have to grow your business exponentially just because you can. If you are doing well in your Canadian private practice, but the idea of owning a huge business is daunting to you – you don’t have to take it that far! 

One of the ways of building a truly successful business that serves your clients – and you – is to structure it around your needs, as well as theirs. Be mindful of your values and intentionally incorporate them into your choices, both personally and professionally, so that you can wake up each day looking forward to your schedule instead of dreading it. 

In this podcast episode, Jasmine and I discuss her entry into private practice, what she did that worked well and how she’s managing her success into the future.

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Jasmine Bird is the Founder of SOAR Counselling – Group Practice – located in South Surrey, British Columbia. She is a passionate and dedicated Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), who specializes in working with children, youth, caregivers, and families impacted by mental health challenges. Jasmine has over a decade of experience working across various mental health settings, such as Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry with BC Children’s Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital and Community Child and Youth Mental Health Outpatient Programs with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and Fraser Health Authority. Jasmine enjoys spending quality time with her husband, two year old son, and french bulldog.

Learn more about Jasmine on her website, Psychology Today profile, and Instagram account.

In This Episode

  • Why Jasmine became a therapist 
  • Starting and growing a private practice
  • What’s on the horizon? 
  • Jasmine’s advice for listeners

Why Jasmine became a therapist 

Ever since Jasmine was young, she was intrigued by people. She was curious about how they thought about life, the way that they approached it, and their stories and experiences. 

‘Yeah, I’m interested in people and connecting with others and so I never once really questioned what I wanted to do career-wise when I started to think about that as an adolescent.’ – Jasmine Bird

Jasmine completed her counselling education in BC. and worked in organizations before starting her own private practice. She knew that she loved helping youth and their families and wanted to make a difference.    

Starting and growing a private practice 

Jasmine built her Canadian private practice in South Surrey. She felt lucky in the fact that her practice has been successful from when it opened its doors, so she was able to continue developing it over the years, with some minor financial dips here and there. 

Jasmine was also able to get some advice and help from her husband, who has completed a masters degree in business. 

‘He knows his stuff and is honestly like my rock in this, and my free consultant, which is lovely! But he really gave me that nudge into private practice, and another nudge into group practice.’ – Jasmine Bird 

In terms of building a successful business, Jasmine noticed a desperate need in an area of her community and decided to set up her practice there. 

‘They were stuck in that space without support … I needed a clone at that point to see everyone who was enquiring, and I was like, “Hmm, maybe I don’t need a clone, I need an independent contractor or associate to come on board!” So I put feelers out there with job postings up and got a massive response right away.’ – Jasmine Bird 

Now Jasmine has five associates, and everyone is fully booked, including her!

What’s on the horizon? 

After Jasmine’s business quickly scaled, she noticed that something wasn’t feeling quite right. 

‘I took a step back, pen to paper, wrote it out and reflected on what it is that I want, given where I’m at in my life, with my family, and professionally. I strive to maintain a super balanced life, right? I want that to translate into my work life as well, and so that’s what I intend for my business.’ – Jasmine Bird 

Now that her business has grown and is on the path to continue doing so, Jasmine wants to be intentional about structuring her business so that it doesn’t get overwhelmingly busy and run away with her. 

Therefore, Jasmine’s now decided to actually scale back a bit and to not continue growing the business, without intention. Growing for the sake of growth isn’t always people’s first priority, and that’s the same for Jasmine. Her Canadian private practice is successful now, and she’s focusing on maintaining that success at this level so that she can remain a successful niche business without getting swept away. 

‘In terms of scaling, we’re just going to stick with what we’ve got, and just service people and service them well!’ – Jasmine Bird

Jasmine’s advice for listeners 

Remember the power of vulnerability and the importance of being authentic, especially as a leader. And bet on yourself!

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