Meet Julia Smith

Having worked in the counselling industry, I knew I would be the happiest being my own boss.
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Established in 2016.


My name is Julia and I started a part-time private practice in Halifax in 2016. I started a private practice because I wanted to be able to counsel clients with therapy approaches that I was passionate about. I also wanted to set my own hours, to be able to support myself financially, and to have a choice on who I counselled. Self-care is important to me. I wanted to provide quality counselling and not work 40 hours plus per week, seeing a lot of clients and getting burnt out!

It was difficult to start a private practice on my own. There were soooooo many things to consider! I read article after article, joined Facebook groups, and listened to a lot of podcasts! It was time-consuming, energy depriving, and lonely. I became a big ball of stress, not knowing if I was making the right decisions for my unique private practice.

I realized that I needed help and support.

So I ended up hiring a consultant to help me start my private practice. And within a couple months, I was feeling confident and relaxed about my business. Since then my part-time private practice has grown and is doing well!

I now help other Canadian therapists who need support and guidance as they start their own private practice. With my experience, I will lead you through the process, support you through the stress, and give you expert Canadian advice on how to build a private practice.

Starting a private practice is overwhelming but very rewarding 🙂