Private Practice Help for Canadian Therapists & Counsellors

Private practice help for canadian counsellors and therapists who don’t want to waste time, energy, and money developing their private practice. Let Julia guide you through the process, support you through the stress, and give you expert canadian advice on how to start and grow your own successful private practice!

Create your own unique private practice
target and attract the best-fit clients
Develop your social media presence
Learn how to take better control of your time
Discover the intricacies of being a professional in Canada

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Helping Canadian therapists & counsellors


Specialized tips for Canadian marketing

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Julia's Journey

Listen to how Julia started and grew her own Canadian private practice.

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Solo Shows

Lend an ear, forget all fears, and learn from Julia

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Featuring guests and industry leaders to help you plan, start, and grow a successful private practice in Canada

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Live Consulting

Got private practice questions? Get answers in real-time with Julia

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Starting a Canadian Private Practice

Become fluent in marketing, business & systems for your Canadian private practice

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Growing Your Practice

Expert advice & tips to grow your practice – quick

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