Are you a Canadian counsellor that wants to start private practice but feel overwhelmed with the process? Then working with me, Julia Smith, might just be for you.

How I Can Help

Here are some of the struggles that I can help you with:

Clarity and focus on next steps in starting your Canadian private practice
Developing your social media presence
Optimizing your private practice with tailored resources and technology solutions
Targeting and attracting the best-fit clients

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“I found Julia very helpful in starting my Canadian private practice. Consulting with her gave me a great place to connect. She provided me with tailored resources, platforms, and advice on how to start my private practice. Within four months of consulting my private practice was set up and I already have clients booked! I believe if I didn’t consult with Julia it would have taken a lot longer to get started.”

Tammy Oliver, A Fearless Practice Success Story

My Approach

One-On-One Consulting

My one-on-one consulting package is tailored to helping you develop your unique counselling private practice. In consulting sessions, I will help you plan, create, and set-up your Canadian private practice.

Here’s what a typical package looks like:
  • Two 30 minute sessions per month in the first two months and four 45 minute monthly sessions over the next four months
  • Once a week email support in-between each session
  • Psychology Today and website review

About Me

I'm Julia Smith

I have a part-time private practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia and work part-time as a counsellor at Dalhousie University. I also write about starting a Canadian private practice for the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

I love helping Canadian counsellors who need guidance and support as they begin their own private practice.

Let’s see if consulting can help you build your Canadian private practice!

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I want to help you start your Canadian private practice but I want to make sure that you have a strong return on investment for the time and money that you’re putting into consulting. So let’s jump on a free 30 minute phone call to determine the best option for you!