5 Ways to Tackle Isolation With an Online Private Practice | Ep 120

Do you sometimes feel lonely working as a therapist? Do you have an online practice, and sometimes wish you could chat with a colleague between sessions to let off some steam or to get an ethical second opinion? How do you deal with isolation as an online therapist? 

Working as a therapist can be an isolating experience in and of itself, since you can’t talk about the details of your work with friends or family. If you work from home like me, then I’m sure that you know that the isolation can be two-fold!

In this episode, I share with you some tips that I have figured out to help myself – and you – enjoy your work as a therapist while still making time for life beyond it. If you are stuck trying to choose between how to handle the challenge, I invite you to listen in!

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In This Episode

  • Be intentional 
  • Get out of your apartment 
  • Create peer-to-peer consultations 
  • Meet with your assistants
  • Make time for a weekly activity

Be intentional 

‘You have to be intentional. You have to take action. You have to put yourself out there. As much as it can be oh-so-cozy to just curl up on your couch and just watch TV every night, that is not going to be healthy in the long-run.’ – Julia Smith 

Between your work days and work weeks, it can be so tempting to just unwind alone at home, without having to exert yourself further by going outdoors and trying something new after a potentially challenging or long day. 

However, don’t isolate yourself further just because you may be nervous about going outdoors. Find hobbies that you enjoy that get you outside of your home – and that are separate from therapy – so that you can unwind and relax in the company of like-minded people while doing something that you enjoy. 

‘For me I love music, so I make sure to go to music events a couple of times here and there just to get out of the apartment.’ – Julia Smith

Get out of your apartment 

Sure, you can enjoy hosting friends at your home. However, if you also work from home and then you socialize at home, there is very little variation in your routine, and you may begin to feel a bit suffocated!  

‘Make sure to get out of the apartment and hang out with friends in cafes or restaurants or just walk outside with them!’ – Julia Smith 

This is even more important if you live alone at home, because staying connected with your friends and with your personal life beyond just working from home is important.

Create peer-to-peer consultations 

If you have associates in your Canadian private practice, make sure to schedule a monthly peer-to-peer meeting so that you can consult together to stay connected and on the same page about the practice, and as well as about what’s happening in your lives. 

Connect with your team to talk about client cases or maybe have some fun! Having and maintaining relationships with other therapists can help to ease that isolation since they know what it feels like to work in the profession. 

‘The key of the game to tackling isolation is to stay connected to your friends, your family, [and] to your community.’ – Julia Smith 

Meet with your assistants

If you have a virtual assistant, schedule a 30-minute meeting weekly with them. 

This is not only important to discuss business issues, but also to stay connected to your staff so that you don’t pass one another by like ships in the night. 

Make time for a weekly activity

Something that I do which I love is going to the gym in the afternoon. It’s a lovely way to get out of the apartment, exercise, and to be around other people! 

‘Now that I work online I really have to set intentions to connect with other people … And just getting out in the world!’ – Julia Smith 

No matter which one you choose, there will be challenges, so you just need to figure out which challenge is the one that you feel most comfortable to work with so that you can make the most of your obligations while enjoying yourself.

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