How to Build a Private Practice Website | Ep 109

As a Canadian therapist, one of the things that you know needs to get done is to build a website. It’s part of the deal of being a business owner, and having a great website is the cornerstone of being seen by your local community and getting your Canadian private practice noticed. 

I think everyone has one or two horror stories about trying to get everything up and running when you are launching your Canadian private practice, or your latest marketing campaign – I’ve had some as well! But a great website is necessary, and it’s not as impossible (or expensive) as you may have thought!

I’ve partnered with an incredible company that offers you easy, affordable, and professional website packages. Depending on your needs, budget, and desires, there will be an option that fits your budget and business like a glove. Keep listening to be introduced!

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In This Episode

  • Re-building my website
  • Choosing your website journey 
  • Meet Your New Website! 

Re-building my website 

Last year I decided to completely redo my website, perhaps you have an idea of how much work that can be! If you have ever been in this situation – or you are in this situation now, read on! 

‘I realized that the company I had been using for my private practice website had decided to build their websites on their own proprietary platform instead of WordPress, which they had been doing before then. So if I wanted to redo my website through the company … my website would have been moved over to their own platform and I didn’t like that idea … I love WordPress because it’s open-source!’ – Julia Smith 

WordPress websites are open-source, they offer design flexibility, and excellent SEO capabilities. On the other hand, website builders that create using their own proprietary platform (like Wix, Squarespace, Clinic Sites, and now Brighter Vision) make creating a website easy BUT there are limits to the design of your website and limits to SEO, because the websites are built on their private platform.

‘That is why I love [and prefer] WordPress. Plus, so much of the internet is built from WordPress, which just means that when you’re using WordPress, SEO can be a lot better.’ – Julia Smith  

Choosing your website journey 

I decided to switch from my previous website host to one that suited my preferences and needs, and I found an amazing Canadian company that ticked all the boxes! 

‘Thanks to all of you, they are now full and are not accepting any more clients, which is so awesome for that company! But it kind of sucks if you still want to build a WordPress website.’ – Julia Smith 

So, you may be thinking that instead you could build your own website. You might imagine that it would be cheaper, and that you could do it your own way. You could do that, but I would recommend you try something else! 

‘When you are building a website from scratch, it takes so much time and effort! You have to communicate with the engineers and the designers of what you’re looking for which takes so much time and effort [because] each page has different requirements, and there are so many back and forth edits.’ – Julia Smith 

Because I tried to build my own website, it took almost 10 months, and it felt like a second job. 

‘Even though I’m happy with it now, I look back at that time and I just think, “Never again do I ever want to do that!” and I don’t want to recommend that to you!’ – Julia Smith

Meet Your New Website!

So if you don’t want to spend months working with a team to build your own website, doing edits, and paying thousands of dollars – I have found a solution for you! 

Before any confusion sets in; is where you can purchase your own hosting and develop your website. However, now there is a WordPress website that provides you with turn-key solutions;

‘This company is awesome because they offer a large selection of professional website templates with simple setups and easy customization. You can have social integration, and over 50 thousand other plugins that will help your website be noticed and stand out from the crowd!’ – Julia Smith. 

So if you want to build it yourself in an easy way, they offer that function. However, if you don’t want to build it yourself, they do offer website design services – all you have to do is choose one of their monthly plans, choose a template that you love, and submit your content. 

‘That’s what I really love about this company; you can build [the website] yourself using their website builder or you can hire one of their engineers to build it for you.’ – Julia Smith 

And, if you want to transfer later and stop working with the company, you can switch your website to another WordPress hosting site! 

You can start with this company for 0 Canadian dollars! Or, I’d recommend starting with their Creator Plan, which is only $33 CAD a month, plus tax, which includes: 

  • Free domain for one year
  • Premium website themes
  • Unlimited Pages
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Live Chat Support
  • Website Security
  • Real Time Website Backups
  • Website Performance Boosters

To start building your private practice, click here and by next week you could have your website built! 

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