Brighter Vision Update and What I Decided to Do | Ep 74

I recently found out that Brighter Vision has started to create their websites on their own proprietary platform instead of on WordPress. This also means that if your Brighter Vision website was created on WordPress, any switch to a different Brighter Vision template will require you to move your website to their new proprietary platform (and off of WordPress).

Proprietary platforms can make creating a website easy, but there are big issues with them. In this podcast episode, I discuss the limits and concerns of using a proprietary platform and why you should instead build your Canadian private practice website on WordPress.  

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In This Episode

  • Why I Decided to Leave Brighter Vision 
  • My Concerns with Proprietary Platforms 
  • Meet Beam Local!

Why I Decided to Leave Brighter Vision 

Recently, I wanted to change the template of my Brighter Vision WordPress website. I hadn’t made any significant changes in years and was excited to modernize my website. So I reached out to Brighter Vision to start the process. However, I found out that they had started to create their websites on their own proprietary platform instead of on WordPress. 

What this meant was that if the Brighter Vision website was created on WordPress, any switch to a different Brighter Vision template would require moving the website to their new platform, and therefore off of WordPress.

‘[So] I was a little taken aback and stressed out when I found out this news, that they were no longer going to be creating WordPress websites and that if you wanted any significant changes, you would have to rebuild your website on their proprietary platform.’ – Julia Smith

If you’ve been listening to my podcast or read my article about building a private practice website you know that I am passionate about WordPress because it is open sourced which allows you flexibility in the design of your website and gives excellent SEO capabilities (Search Engine Optimization that helps you to rank higher on internet searches like google) .

Website builders that build on their own proprietary platform (like Wix, Squarespace, Clinic Sites, and now Brighter Vision) make creating a website easy BUT there are limits to the design of your website and limits to SEO.  

My Concerns with Proprietary Platforms 

  • If your private practice grows and you want to add design features to your website, you will be limited on what you can do with your website.

‘That’s because you’re going to be restricted with what you can do because they’ve built the code, it’s their own platform, so there [are] limited options.’ – Julia Smith 

  • If you decide that you want to cancel your subscription, you will lose your website and SEO (you can potentially redirect SEO to a new website but some SEO will inevitably be lost in this process). In general, it’s better to keep the same website for SEO if possible. This is because your website has already established authority and backlinks, and it’s easier to maintain your existing rankings and traffic than to start from scratch with a new website.

‘Some SEO will inevitably be lost in the process and that can mean that your website won’t rank as high on Google or other internet searches, so [that] could potentially mean losing clients if you decided to leave that platform.’ – Julia Smith 

So, using a proprietary platform may be fine for your needs in the first couple of months or years of private practice. But as your business grows it may become too restrictive with how you want your website to look and function. And by that time, you will have built up a lot of SEO that will not all transfer if you leave PLUS your website will be deleted. This can put you in a very difficult situation!

However, with WordPress websites, it is easy to transfer websites AND SEO (because it is open sourced and not built on a proprietary platform). Plus, you have unlimited options for designs on WordPress!

But building a WordPress website on your own can be tedious and/or expensive if you hire a design company.

Meet Beam Local! 

‘I’m also really excited that this company is also in Canada … and I just love to recommend Canadian products to Canadian therapists!’ – Julia Smith 

I am SOOOOOOO excited to introduce Beam Local! The company who has built and hosted my Fearless Practice website since 2018. 

This Toronto based, Canadian company is awesome because they build professional WordPress websites for counsellors, maintain the website, and provide unlimited support. Plus, if you ever decide to leave, you have the option to keep your website and SEO!

‘I think it’s important to have a professional, modern, cool website [because] it helps to get clients and Beam Local excels at creating those designs.’ – Julia Smith 

For my Fearless Practice podcast listeners, instead of the standard $2995 CAD setup fee, I’ve worked out an AMAZING deal where you’ll only have to pay a $135 CAD setup fee and then $79 CAD per month (plus tax).

With this deal, you’ll get: 

  • Selection of modern WordPress templates to choose from. Beam Local will customize the site with your content, colors, and logo.
  • 10 Website Pages
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Full-featured blog
  • Unlimited blog posts
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Level 1
  • Keyword planning for therapists and counsellors
  • Premium stock photography
  • Social integrations
  • 1 free business email address

You can go to Beam Local to start your website journey!

I cannot say enough about how much I love Beam Local. Their customer service responds quickly, it is soooo easy to make website edits, and their WordPress templates are professional and modern. Plus, since they are a Canadian company charging in Canadian dollars, you don’t have to worry anymore about monthly USD increases in price anymore.

I believe that having control and freedom over your business and its assets (like your website) is important and allows you unlimited options for growth in the future.’ – Julia Smith

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